Full technical specification for the SamKnows measurement platform.

SamKnows One

Our cloud-based analytics, visualisation, and management platform for measuring broadband and cellular performance.


Measure the quality of service (i.e. download speed) and quality of experience (i.e. YouTube), using our industry-trusted methodology.

Test Scheduling

The SamKnows agents support scheduled tests and ad-hoc, user-initiated tests.

Test agents

Choose from a variety of software and hardware to measure your internet performance. Test agents include the SamKnows Web Test, a variety of cell phone apps for Android and iOS, and the SamKnows Whitebox.

Agent SDKs

Run performance tests directly from routers, cell phones, and interconnected devices with the Agent SDKs.


SamKnows One provides a powerful set of APIs that let you interact with the SamKnows backend programmatically. This is particularly useful for automating batch tasks.

Test Servers

The SamKnows tests agents run measurements against a target on the internet, called a "test server". We maintain high-capacity test servers across the globe, and ISPs can also deploy servers on their own network.

SamKnows Shield

The SamKnows platform includes our test agents for fixed and cellular internet, global test server infrastructure, and SamKnows One.