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Crowdsourced mobile broadband data

SamKnows' Crowdsource App is a modular system, which makes it possible for governement regulator to customise and launch an internet speed app very quickly:

  1. Choose from a selection of tests and modules.
  2. Send us your logo, brand colours, and up to three website URLs.
  3. We build and maintain the app for you.
  4. The app is ready to review within a day.

Neutral and fair mobile measurements

Give consumers a reliable way to measure their fixed and cellular broadband performance in a handy app.

Understand national cellular performance

Crowdsource is designed to provider government regulators with a tool to collect huge amounts of nationwide data.


The Crowdsource platform currently supports Download, Upload, Latency (includes Jitter and Packet loss), Web browsing, and YouTube streaming measurements.

We’ve designed Crowdsource using a modular framework that lets you choose the features you need and customise the look and feel without building a new application from scratch.

Audit mobile broadband coverage data, and monitor improvements to cellular infrastructure

The Challenger App for government regulators allows citizens to submit mobile broadband data samples to improve mobile broadband coverage maps. The app will be launched in the US first, but will be available soon to any government regulator who want to empower their citizens with the tools to audit mobile broadband performance.

Challenge test

To help government regulators understand their national mobile broadband performance, we have developed a Challenge test for users to submit real-world on the ground cellular performance data in their area. The aggregated data will help map mobile broadband coverage across the country.

Speed test

Alternatively the app also contains a regular speed test to measure any wireless connection.

The app gives the user two different types of test. The Challenge test is for cellular broadband only and the results are submitted to the regulator. The other option is a regular speed test which can measure both cellular broadband or fixed-line broadband over Wi-Fi.

Cellular Network Audit

SamKnows has been working with government agencies, and their enforcement officers from around the world, to develop a cell phone app for drive-testing to identify locations that lack cellular network coverage. This app can be given to people on the ground quickly, and the data can be used to direct repair efforts, helping to bring people back online and save lives. This same solution is being used to audit the coverage maps published by mobile operators to ensure they are correct.

Continuous testing

The app runs continuous download, upload, and/or latency tests.

Quick and easy to deploy

Audit is easy to deploy and allows people to travel around target areas collecting accurate data.

Environmental data

Key data points like signal strength, bearer, cell tower identifier (amongst others) allow engineers to identify problem areas.

Visualise in SamKnows One

All of the data collected by Audit is ingested into our analytics platform to see where connectivity is available and use its analytical features to uncover valuable insights.

Audit runs on any Android smartphone.