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About SamKnows

SamKnows (part of Cisco) has been pioneering internet performance measurements for over 14 years. The reason we exist is to provide a source of truth for how the internet is really performing. The data we collect can be used as a common language between government regulators, ISPs, academics, and content providers to optimize and improve internet performance for everyone.

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Hi! We are Sam and Alex, the co-founders of SamKnows.

Our Mission

Provide impartial and accurate data on how the internet really performs so that everyone, everywhere, has access to better, more reliable internet services.

Our Vision

Measure internet experience in real-time, for every device and application, to empower a connected world.

Our Customers

Service Providers

We help ISPs setup up new connections, monitor existing connections, and troubleshoot problematic connections, all remotely with no additional hardware. We test every aspect of the network performance, then simplify and aggregate the results in one place for easy analysis. ISPs use our credible and accurate data to ensure they’re providing the best possible service for their customers and check they comply with regulations.

Goverment Regulators

We provide a market-leading measurement solution to help conduct impartial studies on internet performance. We use our expertise to unearth insights that influence decisions and drive change.

This lets regulators ensure that regulations are being met, and make evidence-based investments. They can also use our data and insights to publish authoritative reports that educate consumers and encourage a competitive industry, while tracking year-on-year improvement.

Broadband Customers

Our community of volunteers contribute their performance data to national studies which aim to improve connectivity for all. In exchange, we give volunteers meaningful and detailed information about their internet connection free of charge. This gives them the visibility to see the actual speed they get from their service provider and monitor any changes over time, compare the speed at their router to the speed on their devices to calculate home Wi-Fi performance and discover the limitations of their hardware and more.


Testing to a centralised test server doesn't give our enterprise customers the information they need to optimize performance of their online applications. SamKnows' global platform of Test Agents in real customers homes can give content providers unrivalled visibility and insight into the performance of their services.

Our Values

Our values guide our business, our product development, and our culture. They have always been central to how successfully we pursue our goals.

While we cater for many different groups of people, telecom regulators, internet service providers (ISPs), and people using the internet at home, our core values have meant that we always deliver innovation, incredibly detailed data, and maintain a neutral stance.

Curious innovators

We challenge the status quo.

We are an extremely technical and product focussed company. We turn things inside out and take giant leaps. We’re constantly discovering new ways to understand the internet and creating brand new products to help monitor them.

Neutral and fair

We behave with integrity and good faith.

Our credibility is built on our scientifically valid test methodology. Our sincere intention is to be fair, open, and honest in all our statistical analysis, regardless of the outcome.

Always improving

We strive for excellence.

We’re proud of what we do and constantly find ways to  improve our products to continue leading the way for internet performance analysis. We go above and beyond to make our tests more accurate and our platform faster because we care about doing it properly.

Good listeners

Every voice is important. 

We encourage people to see opportunities in problems and to always speak up - we will always listen.  We’re committed to creating a collaborative, supportive, and happy environment where everyone can perform at their best.

Catalyst for change

Our data can make the internet better.

We design tests to simulate the journey that real internet traffic makes across the world to see how the internet really works. Using this knowledge, and applying context and expertise, we help everyone understand network performance.

Devoted to data

Data is our bread and butter, we treat it with respect.

Most speed tests provide simple top-level numbers that show a snapshot of your internet performance.  But we look at a broad range of metrics and different test types, in detail,  to help our customers glean insights and evaluate performance to understand the cause and meaning hidden in the data.

Careers at SamKnows

We’re a small, cross-disciplinary team, who are all passionate about delivering our promise to help the world understand the internet. If you share our values, we’d love to hear from you!