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Our first ever report comparing broadband of two countries

The South Pacific neighbours, Australia and New Zealand, are the closest of allies, but have a long tradition of being friendly rivals. SamKnows is running independent broadband measurement studies in both countries, but has just released a first-of-its-kind joint report. So, why are Australia and New Zealand benchmarking themselves against each other?

SamKnows helped Vodafone Hungary comply with EU BEREC regulations

New EU BEREC regulations required ISPs in member countries to prove they could provide speeds greater than 1Gbps for customers on their highest package. With many routers only supporting speeds up to 940Mpbs, Vodafone Hungary sought help from SamKnows to be able to measure speeds above 1Gbps.

Our trusted data is helping New Zealanders choose better broadband

From reports to advertising, SamKnows is relied upon by Kiwi consumers to make better informed broadband choices.

International internet improvers

We have thousands of volunteers collecting broadband performance data from their own homes that fuel our National Studies around the world. Our volunteers are critical contributors to what we do, but get their own perks for taking part. We've collected a few stories about how our Connected Home solution is helping volunteers better understand and improve their internet performance.

Regulatory Project Principles

At SamKnows, we’re committed to making the internet better for everyone. Part of our work involves regulatory projects with governments, conducting market studies to measure performance of a country’s internet infrastructure. During our many years of experience in the public sector, we’ve developed a unique set of principles that we apply to all regulatory projects that help us uphold a high standard of care and diligence in our work. 

New Zealand Fibre Max customers see huge performance improvements

The Measuring Broadband New Zealand project, put together by New Zealand's Commerce Commission, collaborated with RSPs, Wholesale Providers, and SamKnows to monitor internet performance across the country. The data collected helped improve speeds for subscribers across the Fibre Max network, here's how it happened.