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Monitor home broadband with ConnectedHome

The ConnectedHome dashboard is designed to monitor the service provided and real-world internet experience of a single home. It does this by frequently running scheduled tests between the router and the nearest test server, unlike Speed tests that often only measure a point in time and generate too little data for you to find ongoing problems.

Daily patterns

Discover how peak-time effects the connection.

Long-term trends

Compare current performance to past performance.

Pinpoint change

If something goes wrong, pinpoint exactly when change has occurred.

Disconnections & outages

If there's any disconnections, we track when and how long on a chart.

Tests & metrics

Comprehensive selection of Quality of Service and Quality of Experience tests are available.

The router tests dashboard contains everything you need to get an insight into the health of your home broadband connection.

Test real applications, not centralised test servers

Everyone’s connection to popular online applications is unique. Which is the best performing video streaming service to your home? Which gaming servers have the lowest latency, what’s the best time of day to minimise packet loss during a video conference? By testing against real-world application servers all the way to your home, we can tell you.

Performance summary delivered to your inbox

Each month a concise visual summary of your home broadband performance is sent to you via email. You are able to see an overview of all your key metrics and an automatically generated list of monthly highlights which will pinpoint any fluctuations in performance that may merit further investigation.

Keeping you informed

No need to worry about manually testing. We’ll alert you of anything that requires your attention 

Overview of key metrics

A handy summary of the health of your home network for peace of mind

Auto-generated insights

We monitor your connection across dozens of metrics, if anything looks out of place we’ll let you know

For most volunteers their monthly report has all the information they need to keep an eye on their home broadband performance