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Vision of a low-latency future podcast - Ben Janoff

In our second podcast, we speak to SamKnows lead integrations engineer Ben Janoff to find out how SamKnows has updated its tests to measure latency using a new metric developed by Apple called RPM.

Vision of a low-latency future podcast - Jason Livingood

This month we talk to Comcast Vice President Jason Livingood about low latency DOCSIS and the amazing results the company has recorded in its trials of their technology.

The AI answer to your broadband problems podcast

AI expert Richard Windsor, Founder of Radio Free Mobile, joins us to discuss the rapid evolution of the technology over the past year and how it could transform customer service. Alex Salter, Founder and CEO of SamKnows, discusses how AI could enhance SamKnows’ portfolio of products, both for consumers and its ISP partners.

SamKnows, our diversity dividend podcast

Roxanne Botman, People and culture consultant at SamKnows, reveals how the company has embraced diversity, and the practical measures that have changed the company’s culture.

The journey of a test podcast

Jamie Mason, our Head of measurement operations gives us a detailed description of how SamKnows’ performance tests are designed, executed and analysed.

Wi-Fi, the moving target

Sam Crawford our CTO reveals how SamKnows can help consumers and broadband providers diagnose problems with in-home Wi-Fi performance.

From startup to global leader, SamKnows' data journey: Sam Crawford

The SamKnows founder and chief technology officer Sam Crawford tells us about his initial vision for broadband measurements back in 2008, and how the measurement methodology has evolved over the past 15 years.

Starlink, the truth is out there: Sam Crawford

Sam Crawford joins Barry Collins to discuss Starlink’s performance figures in greater detail. He also gives his views on the emergence of potential rivals and the new markets that Starlink has moved into over the past few months, including aviation and mobile connectivity.

Speed Part 3 - Who killed speed?

SamKnows CEO Alex Salter and Comcast vice president Jason Livingood talk about how the broadband industry is changing and how it moves beyond its obsession with speed.

Speed Part 2 - Something Changed

Hear more from Dr Jane Parry and Sophie Gordon as they discuss how the Covid lockdowns transformed the way we worked and what it means for the broadband industry now that hybrid working is here to stay.

Gaming Kingdom: Dr Ahmed Alsohaily

Dr Ahmed Alsohaily Chief technologist and adviser for the governor of the CITC tells us how Saudi Arabia delivered on the Kingdom’s goals to improve the performance of its broadband networks and how the big games companies have realized the potential of serving Saudi’s young gaming population.

Gaming Kingdom: Jamie Mason

Jamie Mason Head of measurement support for SamKnows, explains how SamKnows test the performance of many of the world’s most popular games, and why the location of the game’s servers are absolutely critical to the experience that gamers will receive.

Days of Speed: The beginning of broadband

What was the internet industry like in its early days? How did speed come to dominate broadband marketing? Comcast vice president Jason Livingood and SamKnows founder Sam Crawford share their expertise.

Gigabit difference podcast Pt 2: Sam Crawford

Sam, our founder and chief technology officer draws on SamKnows’ exclusive data to reveal why gigabit-grade connections deliver more than download speed benefits. Plus, he explains why Wi-Fi is becoming a bottleneck in the home and why speed is becoming less critical to consumers.

Gigabit difference podcast Pt 1: Richard Tang

Richard is Chief Executive Officer of Zen Internet which is one of the UK’s few remaining independent broadband providers – and one of the most respected. Richard explains which apps consume the most bandwidth, why access speeds are outpacing technology, and the 5G myths.

Broadbran Nutrition Labels Podcast Part 2: Interview with Roxanne Robinson

Roxanne Robinson, SamKnows’ director of government projects talks to us about what lessons the US can learn from other regulators when it comes to giving consumers more information? Roxanne shares her experience.

Broadbran Nutrition Labels Podcast Part 1: Interview with Walter Johnson

Walter Johnson, former member of the FCC’s Office of Engineering & Technology gives us his frank views of why the labelling system failed in the past and what should be included in the labels this time around.

Cloud Gaming Podcast Pt. 2: Interview with Jamie Mason

Dive into much more detail on cloud gaming with SamKnows’ Jamie Mason

Cloud Gaming Podcast: Interview with Nvidia’s Andrew Fear

Dive into much more detail on cloud gaming with Nvidia’s Andrew Fear

FaultFinder podcast: Interview with Sam Crawford

Sam Crawford explains how FaultFinder was developed, how it works and what the future holds for the product.

Making a Metaverse Podcast: Interview with Sam Crawford

Sam Crawford goes into more depth on the recent outages on major websites, and explains why they happened.

Making a Metaverse Podcast: Interview with Jerry Heinz

Ball Metaverse’s Jerry Heinz reveals what it’s going to take to build a metaverse.

Measuring Broadband America Retrospective: Interview with Roxanne Robinson

In part 2 of the MBA Retrospective Spotlight podcast, we speak with Roxanne Robinson: Director of Government & Academia at SamKnows.

Measuring Broadband America Retrospective: Interview with Walter Johnson

In part 1 of the MBA Retrospective Spotlight podcast, we speak with Walter Johnson, the chief architect of Measuring Broadband America.

The Super Agent that Sam Built Podcast

There is SamKnows software inside tens of millions of routers – find out how it’s helping to keep connections running smoothly. Listen to Sam describe how he and his team built the SamKnows agent and precisely what it does.

Bufferbloat Edition Podcast: Interview with Sam

Ever had a gutter clog? Ever heard of a fatberg sewer blockage? These are all (pretty unpleasant) ways that waste can cause obstructions and slow down the standard process. Interestingly enough, data passages can suffer from the same kind of congestion. In this episode, we speak with Sam Crawford to find out more about Bufferbloat and how SamKnows tests for it. 

Reality Gap Edition Podcast: Interview with Sam

If you thought buying a fast broadband package would guarantee you get fast Netflix video streaming, you might be surprised by what we've discovered in this episode of SamKnows Spotlight Podcast. Where peak-time Netflix download speeds can struggle to stream UHD movies even on super-fast connections, and super-efficient video encoding is cleverly masking the reality gap. In this episode, we speak to Sam Crawford to learn more about why fast broadband package doesn't necessarily guarantee a fast Netflix connection.

The Space Edition Podcast: Interview with Wade

Satellite broadband has long been the last resort, the technology to turn to when the wires were not fast enough. But that may be about to change. To find out how good this highly-anticipated satellite broadband’s performance really is, we spoke with Wade Beaulieu, one of the lucky few accepted onto Starlink’s beta program who also had Starlink’s performance analysed by SamKnows’ whitebox, to chat about how Starlink has impacted his experience with the internet. 

The Space Edition Podcast: Interview with Sam

In the past, satellite broadband was hardly considered the top contender for internet technology - but that may be about to change. To help us learn more about this new tech, we spoke with Sam Crawford, founder and CTO at SamKnows, to discuss the early performance data we’ve seen from Starlink’s service, and hear his views on how big of a leap forward this innovation really is.