Monitor your customers' QoE with Continuity

Our expertise is measuring customer experience inside the home. We have developed a Router Agent that can be pushed to existing CPE via a simple firmware update. It’s a cost-effective way for you take measurements from as many customers as you need. The data is safely stored in our customisable measurement platform SamKnows One. Our dashboard gives you an overview of your network performance and can be adapted to your specific requirements. Analytics can be used for drilling down into the data for serious network performance investigations.

Monitoring experience

Monitor the aggregated end-to-end customer experience of your network, from individual customer homes to real applications and services on the internet.

Investigating faults

Add your own custom metadata to the data collected to enable you to split and filter the aggregated data to isolate hard to find faults.

Back up advertising claims

Make sure you’re meeting minimum advertised speeds. MultiView automatically generates reports to show your product performance meets national regulations.

Tests & metrics

Comprehensive selection of Quality of Service and Quality of Experience tests are available.

Create customised dashboards using your saved chart presets. Build as many dashboard as you like and share them with your team.

ISPs using SamKnows technology

Automatically monitor your network with FaultFinder

Today’s increasingly complex and dynamic networks have more dependencies than a single person can effectively analyse. Static thresholds don't work for elastic cloud infrastructure where "normal" behaviour is being constantly redefined. We’ve developed FaultFinder to detect anomalies in your data through predictive analytics and continuous machine learning. Our root cause algorithms then apply contextual awareness to generate a single meaningful notification when something looks out of place.

Self-learning thresholds

FaultFinder automatically learns normal performance and builds a dynamic model which is constantly re-learning to adapt to trend shifts.

Anomaly detection

Our AI monitors a live stream of your performance data 24/7 automatically detecting when things aren't behaving as expected.

Automated root cause notifications

Our AI algorithms understand the semantics of cascading problems and pinpoints root cause in one single notification, rather than triggering a flood of alerts.

The inbox page shows a history of all the anomalies detected on your data stream. Incidents are intelligently tagged by severity, notifications settings can be customised so that only relevant people on your team get alerted.

Quality of Experience Tests

Monitor real customer experience to the world’s most popular online applications. Use the data to optimise connections to these services and make sure your customers have the best possible experience on the services they use the most. Every year we grow our catalogue of application tests.

Upgrade your CPE with our Router Agent

Our Router Agent has all of the same features as our Whitebox but can be downloaded via a firmware upgrade to your customers existing CPE. This is cost-effective for service providers to deploy test agents across their network at scale without having to send out installation engineers.

One advantage of the Router Agent over the Whitebox is it can test speeds over 1Gbps because it’s not limited by the routers 1Gbps network interface ports.

Remote installation

Downloaded via a firmware upgrade to your customers existing CPE.

Remote configuration

The test schedule and device configuration can be remotely configured via SamKnows One MultiView. Different schedules may be configured for different tests.

Remote testing

Remote trigger testing of the Download, Upload and Latency/Loss. Results appear instantly in SamKnows One MultiView.

Cross-traffic detection

If the connection is being used, the tests will not be run. The agent will only test when the connection is idle.

The SamKnows Router Agent is already installed in many home hubs supplied by ISPs such as BT, Bell Canada and Virgin. Also used by many popular router manufacturers and Wi-Fi mesh systems such as eero.