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Developing innovative broadband performance apps

We are looking for iOS and Android developers to join our mobile team. Our mobile apps and SDKs are helping government regulators measure and monitor national cellular broadband, helping home broadband users test Wi-Fi performance around their homes, and helping ISPs and router manufacturers easily add SamKnows’ tests and functionality to their own native apps. Find out more about the roles and more about our mobile apps.

We’re on a mission to make the internet better for everyone

SamKnows exists to measure and understand internet performance, both fixed-line and cellular, so that the data can be used to make the internet faster and more reliable for everyone. We do this by measuring application and network performance in real time and over time to identify any faults and gain insight into areas which could be improved. Our goal is to have our measurement software running in every router and mobile device in the world so we can map internet performance globally.

The Role

Our mobile team is responsible for our mobile apps and our mobile SDKs. We develop and maintain a variety of mobile apps; some for our users directly (branded SamKnows), and some on behalf of our customers, including telecoms regulators around the world. Collectively, our mobile apps and SDKs are deployed on more than one million handsets worldwide. We are currently working on some major enhancements to our mobile apps that will be popular amongst both our consumer and business customer base.

As a developer, you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in a full spectrum of mobile disciplines, ranging from full app development to API authoring and SDK distribution. You’ll gain insight into everything that underpins the SamKnows tests, including C & C++ test integration along with submission of test result data to the SamKnows One backend. As a member of the mobile team you will maintain high standards both in engineering and authoring of documentation and will work very closely with other teams across the company on a daily basis.

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Some of the projects you will be working on

A new Challenger app

Commissioned by the FCC in America and currently in the early stages of development, our new Challenger app is purpose built to audit cellular broadband coverage and performance. Designed to help government regulators accurately map mobile broadband on a national scale, monitor ISPs advertising claims, and respond to cellular broadband users complaints about their service.

New Challenger app designed to audit cellular broadband coverage and performance

This is a hot topic in America at the moment and we hope that our app will be well publicised and make a real positive difference to cellular broadband availability and the accuracy of the information made available to the public.

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A new native RealSpeed app

Over 50% of customer support calls to ISPs are ultimately about poor Wi-Fi performance around the home. Until SamKnows created the RealSpeed test these lengthy and frustrating calls were difficult to diagnose by ISPs, and difficult for the customers to easily understand and accept. The hugely popular RealSpeed test is designed to show a side by side comparison of the speed at the router (service provided to the home) and the speed on the user's computer/phone (available speed over Wi-Fi). The difference between the two results indicates whether Wi-Fi is the cause of slow performance, it can also detect if the available speed has been limited by the maximum throughput of the handset itself.

Native RealSpeed app currently in the early stages of development

We’re currently in the early stages of building a native version of the RealSpeed test for iOS and Android which will help us add more advanced features and functionality. This is a very important app for SamKnows as it addresses the most common broadband performance issue that almost everyone will have trouble with at some point. 

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Maintaining our CrowdSource app

SamKnows works with government regulators around the world on large-scale multi-year studies of fixed-line and cellular broadband performance. Our Crowdsource app is a flexible framework that allows regulators to quickly create and publish their own native speed testing apps on iOS and Android.

CrowdSource app customised and used my broadband regulators around the world

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and add more features and tests to the CrowdSource app. This year the focus is adding our suite of Quality of Experience tests to the app that can measure the performance of popular applications and services alongside Quality of Service measurements to the nearest test server.

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Maintaining our mobile SDK

Additionally, the mobile team is responsible for our mobile SDKs. These SDKs provide all of our measurement functionality - e.g. for speed testing, YouTube testing, and much more - in a single well-documented, reusable library. Our mobile SDK powers our own native apps and is also integrated into some third-party apps by our customers. In total, it is deployed on more than one million handsets worldwide already.

Mobile SDK provides speed measurements for many third-party apps including Eero and BT apps

You will be working directly with the developers who write the measurement code (typically in C and C++), and exposing that measurement functionality via Kotlin and Java APIs for use in the Android SDK or in Swift for the iOS SDK. You will also ensure that we are exposing our functionality using clear, logical APIs, with excellent documentation and usage examples.

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Interested in becoming a mobile developer at SamKnows?

We are building a global company that is making a positive impact on the world. And we'd like your help. SamKnows cares about upholding a diverse and passionate team, which is a big difference from other tech companies. You get to work with like-minded individuals, from all different backgrounds! If you’re interested in becoming a mobile developer at SamKnows, apply below! We look forward to meeting you. :)

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