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How to build trust with your customers

Do you have customers on a pay as you go (PAYG) plan or limited usage plan? It can be a nightmare when the systems you use to track customers’ usage fail. We have a service which can help, and gain the trust back from your customers. Interested? Read on.

Calculating usage has never been so important

Your customers rely heavily on the internet and are now using the internet twice as much versus pre COVID times; for working, schooling, streaming, gaming and staying in touch with loved ones. So it’s really important to bill your PAYG or capped usage customers the right amount, so they can keep accessing the internet without any worries or distrust. And keep paying their bills.

Rise in internet usage during the pandemic as seen by CloudFlare

When things go wrong, **** hits the fan 

Modern internet services are always on and always evolving. So, it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks and not be counted towards the customer’s usage, or worse still, double counted. 

That’s why it’s important to compare any measurements to an independent benchmark to prevent any errors which could cause your customers (or your bosses) to lose their trust in you.

Our trusted methods can earn back your customers’ trust

Our data is trusted worldwide. Our SamKnows’ methodology and data collection methods are used globally, and we have a great reputation amongst all regulatory bodies we work with. We can give you peace of mind in solving your data tracking problems.

We are a trusted and credible choice in the FCC’s eyes. We have worked with the FCC (Federal Commerce Commision) for many years including working with many US ISPs as part of the Measuring Broadband for America (MBA) program.

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SamKnows Data Audit  - we collect our own data as a benchmark

We run closed audits to help you spot any anomalies in how your billing system records customer’s usage. How does this work? Well, we deploy software onto the routers of 

participating households. This software tracks the internet usage of those customer households. We can then compare this to the data usage calculated by your billing system. If we see any anomalies, we can point them out so you can investigate and rectify them, being confident that you are billing the customers correctly. 

The SamKnows Data Audit system

We validate. Customers trust you. You rest easy.

Once the SamKnows’ solution is in place, any system anomalies will be captured before any bills are sent out to your customers. Keeping your customers happy, continuing to use the internet without any distractions from incorrect bills, and paying those bills. 

And your bosses are happy too.


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