Web browsing.

Our web browsing measurements load real pages from real websites to assess browsing performance that users would actually see in their homes.

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Web browsing (TCP)

Supported clients: Whiteboxes, Routers, Android, iOS

Measures the time taken to fetch the HTML and referenced resources from a page of a popular website. This test does not test against centralised testing nodes; instead it tests against real websites, allowing for content distribution networks and other performance enhancing factors to be considered.

Each Whitebox will test ten common websites on every test run. The time taken to download the resources, the number of bytes transferred and the calculated rate per second will be recorded. The primary measure for this test is the total time taken to download the HTML page and all associated images, JavaScript and stylesheet resources.

The results include the time taken for DNS resolution. The test uses up to eight concurrent TCP connections to fetch resources from targets. The test pools TCP connections and utilises persistent connections where the remote HTTP server supports them.

The test may optionally run with or without HTTP headers advertising cache support (through the inclusion or exclusion of the “Cache-Control: no-cache” request header). The client advertises the user agent of Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.