Shared servers.

Shared off-net servers are existing SamKnows servers that are used by multiple clients. SamKnows manages these servers and ensures that customers do not cause contention via our traffic monitoring tools.


Shared servers are available in selected locations in Europe & North America:

Country City
United States New York
United States Los Angeles
United Kingdom London
Croatia Zagreb
France Paris
Germany Frankfurt
Hungary Budapest
Ireland Dublin
Latvia Riga
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Netherlands Amsterdam
Poland Warsaw
Romania Bucharest
Spain Madrid

Who are shared servers good for?

You should use shared servers if:

  • You are running a small project with a low bandwidth overhead
  • You are not concerned with where the servers are placed
  • You wish to save costs but still have all test metrics available to you

You should not use shared servers if:

  • You are testing high-speed connections or with a large number of users
  • You have specific requirements over the location of the test servers
  • You do not wish to risk any contention of bandwidth