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Research Servers.

Research servers are servers donated to SamKnows by research groups and commercial entities for use in collecting internet performance data. As part of the agreement when using research servers, data collected against these servers must be published and made publicly available.

Our research servers are primarily provided to us by Measurement Lab and Level 3 (now CenturyLink).


SamKnows has research servers available in 48 locations worldwide. Most of these locations have several research servers available, with a variety of upstream providers.

ContinentCountries coveredLocations
North America213
South America11

Who are research servers good for?

You should use research servers if:

  • You are happy to publish the data you collect
  • You are looking to test in any of the locations covered by M-Lab and Level 3
  • You are running a project spanning multiple countries

You should not use research servers if:

  • You are testing in countries not covered by these servers
  • You wish to keep your data private
  • You wish to have control over where servers are placed and what upstream providers are available