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Dedicated servers.

Dedicated off-net servers may be bare-metal hardware servers, or virtual machines. They are usually located in carrier-neutral datacentres, or at major peering locations and internet exchanges. These servers may be hosted directly by exchanges, or by hosting companies with good peering and proximity to the core network.

Alongside our standard server health monitoring, SamKnows monitors the bandwidth use of off-net dedicated servers and will flag any anomalies.


SamKnows sources dedicated servers in locations that are close to each major population centre being studied for a project. We work with ISPs to ensure that these locations are fair, and we check that the hosting providers are capable of handling the expected volumes of traffic. If an ISP wishes to have dedicated servers in a particular location, then as a professional service SamKnows will engage with the providers at that location in order to obtain suitable hosting.

Dedicated servers are also a good fit for testing performance beyond the borders of your network, for example to test specific peering locations, or measuring throughput across international borders.

Who are off-net dedicated servers good for?

You should use dedicated servers if:

  • You wish to run tests on high-speed lines, or with large numbers of users, and want to avoid contention
  • You want to have control over where servers are located
  • You need to have available test targets for a wide range of people in various cities and countries
  • You want to keep the data private - although you may still publish if you wish!

You should not use dedicated servers if:

  • You have a small project better suited to one of our other services