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Cloud servers.

Available metrics

These core metrics are available on the SamKnows Cloud platform:

  • HTTP download (downstream throughput)
  • HTTP upload (upstream throughput)
  • ICMP latency (ping)
  • ICMP packet loss


A map of all of Cloudflare's datacentres is available on the Cloudflare Network page.

Who are Cloud servers good for?

You should use the SamKnows Cloud servers if:

  • You need a low cost solution that has a large amount of available bandwidth
  • You are interested in performance to a major CDN
  • You do not need more than the basic speed tests and ICMP ping & packet loss
  • You are in a part of the world that does not have existing SamKnows infrastructure, but is covered by Cloudflare

You should not use the SamKnows Cloud servers if:

  • You need to run more advanced tests, for example any UDP-based tests (e.g. latency, jitter) or our lightweight capacity test
  • You wish to have more control over where the test servers are situated
  • You wish to run speed tests to more than one target, in order to have more visibility of your network and peering