Test Servers.

To gauge the quality of a user's broadband connection, the SamKnows measurement agents need to measure network performance from the user's home to a measurement target on the internet, and vice versa. We call these measurement targets "test servers". SamKnows maintains a variety of high-capacity test servers across the globe for precisely this purpose, and ISPs are able to deploy their own test servers within their network for use as additional test targets.

  • High quality:High-capacity servers with fast connectivity.
  • Maintained:24/7 monitoring by our world class technical team.
  • Global:World wide coverage at major peering locations.
  • Trusted:Tried and tested, 12 years without incident.

Our test servers


Any location$$$


UK, US, EU$$


48 locationsFree


155 locations$
*Speed tests & latency/loss only