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Scheduled tests.

Whiteboxes and the Router SDK support the scheduled execution of tests. The schedule is dictated by the configuration profile, documented here.

A typical test schedule would involve executing some tests once per hour, and other heavier tests (such as the speed tests) once every few hours. Alternatively, customers may wish to focus their measurements during the peak-hour periods, in order to gain the most representative view of user performance.

If cross-traffic is detected when a scheduled test is due to be executed then the device will enter a pause-and-retry loop, checking cross-traffic levels every 30 seconds and then retrying the tests.

Whilst the same test schedule can be assigned to thousands or even millions of devices, that does not mean that they all run measurements at the same instant. To do so would risk overwhelming the network or the test servers. The test schedule includes a window within which tests should take place. The SamKnows platform then randomises measurements within that window in order to spread out the measurements before generating a test schedule for each agent. This means that each agent receives a customised test schedule that ensures that its measurement traffic does not coincide with too many others.