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Reports in SamKnows One allow you to save a series of related charts, together with explanations, that you can share with your colleagues for set purposes such as reports on regulatory compliance, graphs relating to a specific trial or for easily generating regular standardised reports.

Building reports from existing presets

Reports are built using a drag and drop interface that allows you to simply drop in presets you've already saved in SamKnows One.

Insertion of static text and headers

You can also insert static text and headers to give your report structure and explain charts.

Adjustable date range for all charts in a report

Likewise to the date range, it will use the default aggregation in the preset but this can be overridden for the entire report, for example to change all charts to be aggregated by month.

Sharing reports within organisation

Like presets, reports can be shared within an organisation or kept private to just the user who created it.