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SamKnows One dashboard gives you a view of the key metrics that you care about most. The dashboard uses a grid system that allows you to organise your saved charts into a layout that suits you. Drag and drop charts into the grid area, and resize them as you wish. You may also view the dashboard in presenter mode (full screen), making the dashboard ideal for display in a network operations centre.

Key features include:

  • Maximum impact with presentation mode and automatic refresh
  • Quickly build dashboards from existing presets
  • Customisable your dashboard layout with drag and drop
  • Easily share dashboards within your organisation

Dashboards are designed to be able to used on presentation monitors and left unattended. To aid in this use dashboards can be made full screen and can be set to automatically refresh on a timer. Dashboards are built using a drag and drop interface that allows you to simply drop in presets saved in SamKnows One by yourself, or presets created by colleagues and shared with you. You can easily customise the layout of a report in the drag and drop interface used to build dashboards. Like presets, dashboards can be shared within an organisation or kept private to just the user who created it.