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Account management.

Manage subscriptions and users from our management suite.

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Subscriptions management

In SamKnows One we provide a management interface that allows you to view and manage all of your subscriptions to various products across the SamKnows ecosystem. This gives you an at-a-glance view of what you can use, as well as other products available to purchase that you may also wish to use.

Data subscriptions

  • Comparative Data
  • Agent Data

SamKnows One subscriptions

  • Product subscriptions
  • Login subscriptions
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Users, permissions and groups

You are likely to want to give many different people in your organisation access to different parts of SamKnows One and we try to make it as easy as possible for you to manage those users whilst also being able to control access. We allow you to create and manage users, add them to groups and restrict permissions based on products so you can give your customer care measurement agents access to trigger testing and agent administration but not test scheduling for example. Note that you can only give as many users access to a data subscription as you have seats in that subscription. It will tell you the total number of seats and the number of unused seats still available in Subscriptions Management.

Creation of users

Users designated as super admins can also create new users and assign them to groups, or also make them super admins.

View users in organisation

You can easily view all of your staff's users accounts and perform actions such as disabling their access.

View users attached to measurement agents

You can also view all of the user accounts of users who have measurement agents attached to their accounts (volunteers/consumers).

Per-product permissions

Users can be designated as super admins where they can manage all other users, give out privileges to other users and have full administrative access to all subscriptions and functionality of the given organisation.

Under each data subscription clients may also define groups which are a set of pre-defined access privileges; and users may be assigned to these groups to give them varying access to SamKnows One. Every data subscription has a special admin group which has full access to all of the features on that subscription.

For example under an embedded data subscription you may create a group called 'Network Team' who have full access to analytics and alerting, but not agent administration. You then might create a team under your comparative data subscription (viewing SamKnows Whitebox data from multiple ISPs) called 'Marketing' which gives limited access to analytics. You can then assign one user to the marketing group on one data subscription, and another user access to the network team on the embedded data subscription, but add them to the admin group on the comparative data subscription.

Super admins can also disable all access for any other user on any data subscription, including other super admins.

Groups for easy management

We allow the creation of groups with commonly defined access to products and users can then be assigned to groups to simplify onboarding and permissions management.

Access based on data subscriptions

If you have multiple data subscriptions within an organisation (for example your Business Customers Unit, your Consumer Customers Unit and a Wholesale Unit) then all the groups and permissions are separate per data subscription so you don't have to give everyone access to data/products from all business units.