Regulations made simple.

The ultimate solution for creating effective regulation. Run large-scale national studies to assess your country’s internet performance. Use the data to publish status reports. Benchmark progress. Enforce policies. Influence smart investments. And ensure a booming digital economy.


Benchmark the market

Join regulators worldwide who use SamKnows to publish benchmarks on the status of their nation’s internet performance. Encourage a competitive marketplace and attract ISP investment. Help consumers inform their purchasing decisions.


Compliance assurance

It’s one thing to set performance targets; it’s another to track them. Use SamKnows’ technology to ensure operators are in full compliance with industry standards. Whether it’s new advertising policies or a prerequisite for ISPs’ receiving public funding. We’ll adapt features in SamKnows One just for you. So you can concentrate on the results (not the maths that gets you there).


Disaster recovery

Restoring communications quickly after a natural disaster is of critical importance. But in the aftermath of such an event, the situation regarding internet access is often unclear. The SamKnows measurement tools and Cell Survey app allow regulators to accurately survey internet availability and performance – reporting measurement results in real-time to key decision makers. Read more.


Informing public policy

Ground your policy and investment decisions in accurate and robust measurement data. SamKnows’ technology is designed with accuracy and vigour, which is why regulators around the world rely on us for their measurement needs.


SamKnows One

Our cloud-based analytics, visualisation, and management platform for measuring broadband and cellular performance.

  • AnalyticsReal-time analytics for all of your measurement results.

  • Reporting


Measurement agents

Measurement agents are the devices which run the test clients and are located in the homes or hands of consumers.

  • WhiteboxEasy to install, dedicated hardware device for end-to-end fixed-line measurements.

  • Rapid Build Framework

  • Web test


SamKnows tests

We measure every aspect of an internet connection's performance - from speed to video streaming and gaming. But if we don't have the test you want, tell us, and we'll create it for you.

  • Speed testsMeasure download and upload speed over TCP or UDP, from 64kbit/s to 10Gbps.

  • Latency/loss

  • Video streaming

  • Gaming

  • Web browsing


Test servers

SamKnows measurement agents need to measure network performance from the user's home to a measurement target on the internet, and vice versa.

  • Off-netInstall local test servers to measure performance within the boundary of your network.

  • Cloud

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