For field engineers

Fully tested in seconds

Every broadband installation is different and unique, field engineers don’t know what they’re going to find when they turn up, but customers want and expect the same service. We’ve built a solution into SamKnows One to streamline field engineer visits and minimise call-backs.

Now your field engineers can quickly check the installed service is working perfectly before leaving, share that information with the customer and head office, then remotely test and monitor performance if necessary.

Key features

Scan to test, we do the rest

To initiate an EasyInstall test all you need to do is open SamKnows One on a phone, scan the MAC address on the back of your SamKnows enabled router/CPE

Everything else is automatic, no more playing around with Wi-Fi logins and browser-based speed tests. SamKnows One runs a whole suite of performance tests from inside the customers router/CPE.

Customer transparency

Your field engineer gets an instant success confirmation that he can share with the customer, and SamKnows One stores all the data for aggregated analysis by network engineers.

If the installation is problematic, you can setup a regular testing schedule to temporarily monitor performance, remotely analyse the data and even run instant tests, saving you money on call-backs and saving your customers from disruption.

A performance pledge

A performance pledge

By testing from inside your router/CPEs you eliminate possible interference in-home giving you a more accurate reliable result. Use that data to make a performance pledge to the customer, it's so accurate it’s even regulator approved.

Also the measurements aren’t restricted by the 960 Mbps network ports and so you can now measure the full speed of your new flagship ultrafast broadband connections.

I have been able to test quickly and accurately without the need to connect over WiFi, which allows me to spot potential issues that would typical require call-backs to fix. It also gives the customer confidence in the product and speeds which are being delivered from day 1.”


Installation engineer