For support staff

Streamline your support

We’ve built a solution for customer care agents so they can access your customers broadband performance data remotely and give meaningful advice and support instantly without having to wait for an engineer to visit. 

Now your care agents can run instant tests and share the results with the customer, ask customers to run a two-step test to analyse Wi-Fi performance within the home, and set up a testing schedule to monitor problematic connections.

Key features

Simplify speed testing

Simplify speed testing

Don’t rely on your customers to follow a 10 step process to run a browser-based speed test to tell you the performance of your own service. SamKnows Care lets your support team run tests from the customers SamKnows enabled router/CPE instantly.

You get more accurate data, you get the results in a fraction of the time, and you can share and discuss the data with your customers in a calm hassle-free way.

Find poor Wi-Fi

One of the most common problems broadband customers experience is a bottleneck within their own home network, typically caused by poor Wi-Fi reception. The SamKnows app enables your customers to run two concurrent speed tests, one from the router/CPE and one from their phone over Wi-Fi. By comparing the two results it’ll be obvious if there’s a problem with the service, or a problem with the Wi-Fi and your agents can advise some logical steps to fix.

Detailed data delivered

Scheduled monitoring

A customer who has an intermittent problem might not be experiencing it when they call your support team. By giving your agents the tools to set up a testing schedule you can generate a rich detailed report that will be automatically delivered to the care agent and the customer via an automated email.

Being able to see what’s going on with a customer's broadband connection really helps Care Agents deal with issues much faster. Most of the time we can sort out problems over the phone."


Support Manager