For product managers

Measure your success

ISPs get a lot of complaints from customers, but that’s because it’s critical that the service they supply is reliable. We’ve built a solution for product managers to see the performance of their products and services in near real-time so that they can ensure they receive the best possible service.

Key features

Increase net promoter score

Happy customers will become your best sales people, monitor their performance to make sure to keep them happy, keep them loyal, and promote good word of mouth about your products and services.

Test every new product

Test and validate every new product

Test new products in the real-world, not a lab and be confident that when you release them to your customers, they get the service you advertised or better.

As broadband connections start to exceed the 960 Mbps limit of standard network connectors, you need think again about how and where you measure. Only by testing inside the router/CPE can you measure 1Gbps speeds and beyond.

Comply with regulations

Comply with regulations

National regulators are starting to look closer at the difference between advertised speed and actual performance. Generate the data your need to comply with new regulations and provide your marketing teams with accurate claims you can reliably back-up.

I love having an overview of performance across my whole network, but at the same time still being able to drill down into the performance of a single customer.”


Product Manager