for service providers

Measure your customers real-world experience

Because good performance is good for business, you need a reliable way to actively measure and monitor it from the point of view of the people whose opinions matter the most - your customers.  SamKnows is 100% independent and un-biased, and has been working with the world’s top ISPs for over 15 years. Our tests agents are installed in over 40 million routers/CPE, our testing infrastructure spans the globe, and our testing methodology is considered the global standard for measuring performance data.

Our experienced ISP team is on-hand to tailor a measurement solution to meet your specific requirements, whether it’s a small scale measurement platform or massive roll out to millions of homes to give your customers unparalleled technical support. Contact us to find out more.

SamKnows measurement platform

Largest suite of tests

Test everything

SamKnows is constantly developing new tests and metrics to accurately measure the quality of your service and the quality of your customers experience and keep pace with changing patterns of internet usage. From your classic download and upload, to more forward thinking QoE tests like popular gaming, video streaming and online storage services that mimic real internet traffic to real content on the internet.

Turn your CPEs into test agents

ISPs use our solutions to see beyond their own network into their customers homes to track true end-to-end performance that their internal tools cannot see, and making sure their services are the best they can be. We've developed several different test agents to achieve this, but our Router SDK is perfect for ISPs - quick, easy and cost effective to roll out to millions of homes. Simple to activate or deactivate when you need the data or when you don’t, making best use of unused network capacity.

Purpose built analytics engine

Purpose built measurement platform

You have complete control of a highly configurable platform to manage your test agents and analyse data as it flows in near real-time. SamKnows One is designed from the ground up to do one thing and one thing only - analyse network performance data. You can create charts, compile reports, administrate your platform and export your raw data from here.

Internet traffic is global

Test everywhere

Internet traffic is global so to accurately measure it, you need a global testing infrastructure to measure against. SamKnows has test servers on every continent, at global transit hubs, in cloud based CDN networks. We can even place test servers at different points within your own network for comparative and root cause analysis.

ISPs using SamKnows 

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For field engineers

In-home testing and monitoring tools designed specifically for field engineers to ensure they always leave an installation with a fully-tested connection. More info

  • Generate a baseline report
  • Diagnose faults while on-site
  • Serves as a proof of work done
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For support agents

Speed-up your customer support process by equipping your care agents with new tests and data to remotely troubleshoot many common broadband problems. More info

  • Validate faults remotely
  • Monitor and test remotely
  • Solve common problems remotely
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For network analysts

Unparalleled visibility for network analysts to track down hard to find faults that would be invisible to most network monitoring solutions. More info

  • Find networks quickly
  • Near real-time data
  • Find faults before your customers notice
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For product managers

Detailed end-to-end performance data for product managers who want their customers to always receive the best possible service. More info

  • Reduce detractors and help improve your Net Promoter Score
  • Test and validate new products before launch
  • Monitor compliance with new regulations