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See how your customers experience your network. Test new products. Dramatically save on support costs and engineer call-outs. Deliver on your promises and keep customers happy.


A solution built for you

Whether you’re measuring internet performance for 20 or 20 million customers, we have a solution for you. Start by deploying the SamKnows Whitebox. It measures fixed internet from the point of connection to your customers’ homes. Later, embed the SamKnows Router SDK into your CPE. Proactively monitor your customers’ performance. React to issues before the support calls roll in.  


Test in the real world, not in a lab

Use SamKnows Whiteboxes and mobile apps to independently test the performance of your products before they launch - including internet access services, video-streaming services, and network equipment. Quickly identify issues that would be hard to spot in a lab. Support your marketing claims with accurate data. 


Reinventing customer care

Embed SamKnows measurements inside your customer routers and mobile apps. Measure real-world performance across dozens of metrics. Enable and disable measurements per CPE, on-demand. And react to customer support calls with timely and detailed information. Escalate issues to engineering teams with actionable data for smooth problem solving.

SamKnows is already helping the smartest ISPs around the world

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SamKnows One

Our cloud-based analytics, visualisation, and management platform for measuring broadband and cellular performance.

  • AnalyticsReal-time analytics for all of your measurement results.

  • Alerting

  • Management

  • Regulatory compliance

  • APIs


Test agents

Test agents are the devices which run the test clients and are located in the homes or hands of consumers.

  • WhiteboxEasy to install, dedicated hardware device for end-to-end fixed-line measurements.

  • Router SDK

  • Mobile SDK

  • Web SDK


SamKnows tests

SamKnows has developed a large suite of tests that measure every aspect of an internet connection's performance.

  • Speed testsMeasure download and upload speed over TCP or UDP, from 64kbit/s to 10Gbps.

  • Latency/loss

  • Video streaming

  • Gaming

  • Web browsing

  • Voice


Test servers

SamKnows measurement agents need to measure network performance from the user's home to a measurement target on the internet, and vice versa.

  • On-netInstall local test servers to measure performance within the boundary of your network.

  • Off-net