A memo from Sam

Yes, there is a Sam, and he regrets naming the company after himself every single day!

The Problem

The world is experiencing exponential growth in demand for internet connectivity and increasingly sophisticated services requiring a richer and richer quality of experience. To meet this demand, internet service providers (ISPs) are constantly upgrading their infrastructure and services.

What's needed

Logically, whilst this continues, governments, enterprises and consumers require accurate data on how these networks are performing.

SamKnows was founded in 2008 with the goal of creating a standard methodology for measuring internet and network performance.

The Solution

To achieve this, we are working with academics, ISPs, consumer groups, governments and industry to build SamKnows One, the global internet quality of experience measurement platform for Fixed, Mobile and Wi-Fi. At the time of writing this, SamKnows is considered to be the world leader in internet performance measurement.

The Result - Better internet for everyone

At SamKnows, we believe that access to high quality internet connectivity is a basic human right. We believe passionately that we can make a positive contribution by helping to improve internet connectivity, accessibility and quality of experience.

Sam Crawford

Founder & CTO

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