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SamKnows Summer

We've all got a lot on. And with lots of hard work, comes much needed rest time. We believe it's truly important to take a break from the desk and reset, and if you can spend some of that time outdoors – even better! Here's how SamKnows is enjoying the sun around the world this week:

This summer has been a weird one. In the UK, where many of us are, it hasn’t felt like we’ve really had much of a summer at all! In line with that, SamKnows and practically all other companies have missed out on a lot of company bonding.

As we’ve had many new joiners during the pandemic, some probably wouldn't be familiar with our seasonal traditions. Typically, we hold a company-wide event, roughly 3 or 4 times a year. Excluding the ad hoc hangouts after the days in the office. But as we all know, these are not typical times. The last SamKnows event was probably the 2019 Christmas party!

We’re doing what we can to keep our teams cross functional and connected from home, with regular remote events, such as Friday SNAPS, where we host presentations from different teams, to give everyone an insight into what’s going on around SamKnows. And after the presentations, we give our prize wheel a spin, and each time the winner gets to choose from a selection of 3 prizes OR, the mystery box - which could have anything in it. From a speed boat, to a house plant. (The speed boat is yet to be revealed.)

We’ve said before, we feel no need to rush coming back to the office, as we believe it’s still important to make sure everyone is safe, healthy and comfortable. However, to encourage a company wellness incentive and reward our hard work this summer, and this year, we’re making the most of what may well be the last sunny days of the year, by getting the afternoon off to enjoy it.

Here’s some ways we enjoyed our afternoons, around the world!