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What’s new in SamKnows One?

This month we've added more metrics to SamKnows One, including responsiveness under working conditions. We've improved the reliability, and user experience after receiving accessibility feedback from our customers.


New metrics


  • Measuring responsiveness under working conditions of the internet connection
  • 8 metrics covering overall responsiveness (RPM) and latency (ms)
  • More information at the bottom of our latency tests page

Active agent count

  • Helps SK staff and customers understand the reach of SK and their billing.
  • Calculated based on an agent running any test within an hour. An agent will not be counted if it has not run a test.

Diablo IV

  • Like Diablo 3 - Latency, Packet Loss & Jitter


Faster login for ISP users by improving the way we fetch data

User experience

Improving contrast on Analytics presets for both grid and table views, due to accessibility feedback we received after last months neutral UI re-brand.

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We hope these updates will enhance your experience with the product. If you have any feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.