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What’s new in SamKnows One?

This month we've improved how our RealSpeed tests connects with the SamKnows Agent. We've added more control over metadata customisation to our Management Suite. Updated our chart colours to increase contrast and improve accessibility for colour blind users.


We’ve improved how RealSpeed connects to the SamKnows Agent in routers.

It’s called Local Discovery, and it allows RealSpeed to identify the correct Agent & router in situations where IP addresses are being shared across multiple homes. RealSpeed will now broadcast a message on the local network for a SamKnows Agent in a router or Whitebox to respond to. This response allows a connection to be made, allowing RealSpeed to connect the correct Agent and initiate tests.

What was the previous method?

Previously, RealSpeed used IP Discovery, which connects to the SamKnows Agent in a router by matching the IP address of the user device with that on known IP addresses of SamKnows Agents. This will still be used when Local Discovery is unavailable.

When is this new method used?

Local discovery is available for users with newer SamKnows Agent versions. RealSpeed will first attempt to connect using Local Discovery. If that is not supported by the Agent version (or is prevented by strict router firewall settings) RealSpeed will then use IP Discovery, which is available for all Agents.

Are VPNs supported?

No. Currently neither discovery method will succeed when a VPN or VPN-like service is enabled on the user device. RealSpeed will be unavailable to the user in this scenario.

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Management Suite

Custom metadata visibility

All panel custom metadata is now viewable in Management Suite, allowing users to view/hide as columns on the Agents page for easier management.

Metadata CSV support for other identifiers

Unit data can now be updated using the preferred identifier of an organisation instead of the Unit ID. This can be the unit’s MAC address or a unique custom metadata field e.g. IMEI or serial number.

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Analytics & Dashboards

Accessible chart colours

Each chart series colour in Analytics is now aligned with our Accessibility guidelines. The colour palette now caters better to colour blind users as well as improving the overall clarity of SamKnows charts.