Oh hello Oceania... let's measure your internet

2018 has been busy. But a good kind of busy. In the last year we’ve proudly opened two new internet measurement projects with the Australian and New Zealand regulators.

Both projects aim to better the internet for everyone and are using SamKnows data to help increase transparency, direct policies, and update infrastructure.

Key to these projects are the volunteers who are happy to host a FREE SamKnows Whitebox to run our suite of tests. To all you lovely people — thank you.

And to all those who are up for a bit of good old Aussie-Kiwi rivaly — let’s see who has better internet…

Just kidding.

(But not really.)

So here’s the low-down:

Measuring Broadband Australia

While the Aussies were busily sunning themselves on the beaches and enjoying the summer weather, the ACCC launched their very first national fixed-line measurement project called (you guessed it) Measuring Broadband Australia.

SamKnows is running the day-to-day operations of this exciting scheme and are dispatching as many as 2,000 SamKnows Whiteboxes this year alone with more to come over the next few years.

The SamKnows Whitebox plugs into your existing router and monitors your broadband performance 24/7 — but only when you’re not using the internet. We don’t want to interfere with your experience by using the internet when you’re using it. Sort of defeats the point.

Look out for the ACCC’s regular reports where we will analyse the data collected from the Whiteboxes across Australia, looking particularly into products on the NBN. You can also read the ACCC’s Initial Findings Report in the meantime, and head over to the project website to sign up for a free Whitebox.

Calling all Kiwis!

Our friends in New Zealand want in on the internet action, with the Commerce Commission launching their Measuring Broadband New Zealand project for fixed internet only a couple of weeks ago.

We’re extremely excited by the number of sign-ups that are flooding in, particularly those Lord of the Rings fans in the office who want to know the internet speeds in Middle-Earth…

One ping to rule them all…

Lord of the pings…

Okay, we heard you. TERRIBLE JOKES. We’ll stick to internet measurements.

We’re testing a range of ISPs, speed tiers, and technologies all over the country. And like other projects described above, the Commerce Commission will be publishing quarterly reports to let you know how the results are looking.

So, if you live in New Zealand, want better internet but haven’t signed up for a Whitebox yet, then you need to do so now. Simply go to the Measuring Broadband New Zealand website and bag yourself a Whitebox. The waiting list is filling up fast.

And of course, all volunteers for these projects will receive our monthly report cards and can view their own results in SamKnows One — our web-based reporting dashboard. SamKnows One is colourful, friendly and the best place to store, compare, and analyse your internet performance in one place.

We love to hear from you. Ask us questions and come join the SamKnows community no matter where you are. And keep an eye out for our upcoming reports.