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November news roundup

Here's a round-up all of the latest news from SamKnows this month.

Spotlight Magazine

Fragile Internet

When Facebook falls off the internet it's big news. But various outages have brought down many other major website this year. What are the knock on effects of big sites going down and should we be worried about it? In this month's edition of Spotlight, we find out.

Product news

Quality of Experience in the palm of your hand

Ensuring consistent and low latency is rapidly becoming the focal point for people concerned with how responsive applications are. But there's no single latency value either - latency will vary by application. This is why SamKnows is developing and adding ~40 new Quality of Experience tests to our Mobile apps. Measure latency for dozens of applications accurately, just from the palm of your hand.

Customer Stories

Helping Cincinnati Bell comply with FCC regulations

We helped Cincinnati Bell reach compliance with FCC regulations in 2 months. Find out how we worked with Cincinnati Bell's engineering and regulatory teams to deploy a fully compliant solution so quickly.

FCC App store review

Our Speed Test app for the FCC has been downloaded nearly half a million times, see what all the fuss is about by reading some of the public reviews it has received, and if you're in the U.S. try it for yourself – it's free!

Company News

Maimuna's internship at SamKnows

The exceptional Maimuna Hassan completed a month-long internship at SamKnows during her term break from Cambridge university. This is a post written by Maimuna about her experience and the internship she completed at SamKnows. Find out more about her unique introduction to SamKnows and her experience as a Data Analyst in the government team – as well as how you can apply for an internship at SamKnows too!

Life at SamKnows

We added a new page to our website that describes what life is like at SamKnows.

The new SamKnows London office

What is the role of an office in the post-lockdown era? We’re trying to create an inclusive workspace, built off real feedback from people at SamKnows. Here's a look into the plans in-motion for our London office.

SamKnows Hiring Process

As SamKnows expands, we're doing our best to ensure we grow sustainably. A part of that is having an efficient and attentive recruitment process. Here's an insight into our new and improved hiring process.


Sam Crawford explains why Facebook's recent outage happened and how it affects the wider Internet.

Fragile Internet: Interview with Sam Crawford