ISPs, create a customer pledge with EasyInstall for field engineers

Installation engineers are on the front lines of your business, combining a much-needed technical service with excellent customer care. They are often the only people in your company to meet your customers face-to-face and are at the very start of your new customer relationships. There’s no second chance at a first impression and so to help ensure your engineers always provide a positive customer experience, we have designed SamKnows EasyInstall.

EasyInstall is a simple way for installation engineers to provide quick, timely, and successful home visits that leave your customers feeling happy and confident with your service. After connecting a home to the internet, your engineers can use EasyInstall to accurately measure performance, create a customer pledge, and prove you are delivering the internet speeds your customers expect.

Much has been written about how confusing inaccurate in-home testing can be for consumers. Different house sizes, computer and phone models, browsers, distances from the router, and a myriad of other factors, can distort mobile and web-browser speed test results and disguise how well your network is actually performing. EasyInstall runs performance tests directly from your customers’ SamKnows-enabled routers, and in doing so, discounts any in-home factors that are beyond your control.

If there’s an issue with an installation, your care agents can continue testing remotely without removing equipment or disrupting your customers with additional home visits. Any problems are automatically flagged and there is no need for customer intervention or calls to your customer support teams. You can temporarily run automated scheduled tests to see how performance changes over time and trigger instant tests to see what’s going on whenever you like.

How it works

How it works

1. Scan to test in seconds

Open SamKnows One on your handset, skip entering a lengthy Wi-Fi login, and scan the MAC address on the back of your customer’s SamKnows-enabled router

SamKnows One will then automatically run our suite of performance tests directly from the router to a test server. 

2. Instant trusted results

Your field engineers will receive instant confirmation that the internet is working properly, which they can share with your customer. You can also bypass the restriction of 960Mbps network ports on routers, and measure the full speed of your ultrafast broadband connections. 

SamKnows’ test methodology is considered the standard, trusted by regulators worldwide. Your customers can be confident the data you’re providing is accurate, impartial, and honest. 

3. Secure customer confidence

If there is a problem with the installation, you can set up a testing schedule to run regular tests to temporarily monitor performance around the clock, and initiate instant tests, so you can see what’s going on without spending money on truck rolls. Network engineers can then analyse the results in SamKnows One, which stores all the performance data.

Customer pledge

Increase customer satisfaction by issuing a customer pledge to your new customers to show their internet is working properly, based on industry-respected, independent, and accurate test results. Prevent engineer callbacks, speed up solutions, and reduce customer support costs. For more information about how we can help streamline your field engineers’ visits, please contact our team.