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Hello Canada… let's get testing

Now is the chance to help improve Canada's internet performance! Join the Measuring Broadband Canada program - a nationwide study that's taking a deep look into the state of the country's internet to find out what needs to be done to improve it for the future.

Hello Canada,

We hope your internet performance is well.

Because the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) want to know!

In fact, they’re partnering with us, SamKnows, to launch the second phase of the Measuring Broadband Canada project so we can all better understand the state of Canada’s internet performance, and know what needs to be done to improve it for the future. 

This is a huge collaborative effort supported by some of Canada’s leading internet service providers: 

  • Bell Canada
  • Cogeco
  • Northwestel
  • Rogers
  • Shaw
  • Videotron

But the most important part in all of this, is you!  

Volunteering is simple and provides a few benefits for you as well. Here’s what happens: 

Step 1

Sign up for a Whitebox, part of the SamKnows Test Kit. It runs automated performance tests when you're not using the internet to ensure your test results are as accurate as possible. 

The SamKnows Whitebox

If your package is part of the project sample plan, your ISP will send you an email with a link to the sign-up page. You’ll then be placed on the waiting list because we stagger Whitebox dispatches as numbers are limited. We’ll then contact you to let you know that you’ve been selected and to confirm your delivery address. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can. 

Your Whitebox is free thanks to the CRTC who have covered the cost. They’re also subject to availability so sign up now to register your interest.

Northwestel is an exception to this but if you're a Northwestel customer, you'll be placed on a less data-intensive test schedule so that it won't affect your data usage.

Step 2

You’ll receive a Whitebox in the post. Connect it to your router and your mains electricity - it’ll only take a few minutes. 

By connecting to your router, your Whitebox discounts all in-home factors, such as poor Wi-Fi, and only measures the quality of performance delivered to your home. 

Step 3

Login to SamKnows One, our colourful analytics system, to see all your performance data. We usually advise waiting a couple of days after installing so that enough data can be sent to SamKnows One for you to explore. Play around with the charting and analytical features - ideal if you want to know the best time for gaming, streaming movies, or just love all things tech and data (join the club).  

Step 4

Look out for your monthly report giving you a summary of your internet performance over the last 30 days.

Step 5

And to complete the SamKnows Test Kit, download the SamKnows app for iOS and Android from Google Play and the App Store. It's free.

Didn't receive a Whitebox? You can still test your internet and Wi-Fi performance using the SamKnows app and we'll let you know if a Whitebox becomes available.

Your privacy is protected

Your privacy is protected. We only measure your internet performance and nothing else. We don’t collect information about what you’re doing online. All your test results are securely stored in SamKnows One for you to delve deep into your data. Your results will also be pooled, along with the rest of the nation’s, in SamKnows One so that the CRTC, SamKnows, and your service provider can perform greater analysis. 

Happy days

We have lots of happy volunteers for Measuring Broadband Canada. Here's what they had to say:

Join us!

Happy testing,



While some providers do offer advertised speeds of 1Gbps or faster, services above 940Mbps cannot be measured with a conventional speed test. As such, speed tiers of 1Gbps or faster are excluded from the 2019 Measuring Broadband Canada project. Consumers should visit each of the participating ISP's websites for details about the availability of higher or lower speed tiers.