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Embedded Engineer

We are looking for an Embedded Software Engineer to work on Integration for our software agent, used by Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), Governments, and consumers across the world.

At SamKnows, we’re working on products that keep us connected - literally. The world relies on the internet. We care about solving broadband inequality and supporting access to quality internet for everyone.

We are looking for an Embedded Engineer to help integrate our SamKnows software agent into third-party hardware. Our software is used by Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), Governments, and consumers across the world to measure internet performance and reliability.

Lately, our software is in high demand from ISPs seeking to integrate our test Agent directly into their routers. The SamKnows Router Agent includes measurements that focus not only on quality of service, like throughput and latency, but also on quality of experience – such as video streaming stall frequency. Check out one of our latest integrations with Linksys. Of course, our Router Agent can always be improved. Plus, our company motto is always improving! So the ideal candidate for this role should be keen to suggest and implement improvements to the Agent, its documentation and the integration process.

Integrating SamKnows functionality

The integration role is vital to the company and contributes to a vast market which has limitless potential. Being an Embedded Engineer will entail working closely with the ISP team, who work to take care of our current ISP clients, and acquire new ones. You will work together to better understand their requirements and how to meet their needs. This will include things like:

  • Working with CPE (customer premises equipment) manufacturers to get the development hardware and software necessary for us to integrate with them
  • Ensuring the toolchain is rightly equipped to build our Router Agent
  • Performing feasibility studies of integrating into new hardware devices, including measuring maximum throughput on the WAN interface of the router
  • Optimising our software to make the best use of the hardware. This may include modifying our applications to use hardware accelerators provided by the SoC vendors, such as Broadcom and Qualcomm
  • Making sure we can detect cross-traffic on user’s networks to avoid running measurements when they’re using the internet
  • Thinking of ways to improve the Router Agent overall!

Teamwork and tools

In the role of Embedded Engineer, you’ll communicate regularly with the Network team and test developers, as well as other Engineers within the tech team. As the role is within the embedded space, you’ll have access to the latest hardware available in the field, which is a very cool perk!

The ideal SamKnows Embedded Engineer will have professional experience in C or C++ and in cross-compiling software for embedded systems. Being comfortable working with Linux shell and writing scripts is also valuable to this role, as well as experience using Git.

Our embedded agents are in millions of devices worldwide

Pro-tech and proactive

An ideal working style for this role is someone who is tech-savvy and proactive. Attention to detail is key! We are looking for ideas to improve our Router Agent integration process, so coming up with new innovative solutions is more than welcome.

Our secret SamKnows sauce

The company

SamKnows cares about upholding a diverse and passionate team, which is a big difference from other tech companies. You get to work with like-minded individuals, from all different backgrounds! If you’re interested in becoming an Embedded Software Engineer for Integration at SamKnows, apply below! We look forward to meeting you. :)

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