We're celebrating all things Kotlin

There have been some big announcements at Google I/O this year, from Google Lens to updates for the Google Assistant. However, our mobile development team is most excited by the news that Kotlin is now fully supported for the Android platform as a first-class programming language, alongside Java and C++.

At SamKnows, we’ve been using Kotlin as our language of choice for the prototype of our flagship Internet Performance Application for Android, which has been available on the Play store since February 2017.

We really enjoy working with Kotlin because it allows us to rapidly model, build, and release our applications. In fact, the list of language features and advantages of using Kotlin over Java are too exhaustive to list here, but we really recommend you find out more if you haven’t already!

What’s more, the Kotlin tooling support from the JetBrains foundation, alongside IntelliJ IDEA, has been awesome. And now, with Google effectively partnering with JetBrains, we’ll see this support in Android Studio more and more. Good times ahead!

This news has been warmly received by the Android development community. Our team at SamKnows is really looking forward to continue our learning and use of Kotlin for the development of our big Android App release scheduled for the summer.

At the writing of this the iOS developers were ‘unavailable for comment’. Likely planning their next move…

Would you like to join a mobile team already using Kotlin for production apps? We’re hiring, get in touch…