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ACCC typical busy period speeds

Find out how SamKnows can help RSPs in Australia measure and report busy hours speeds to easily meet ACCC requirements.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission have published industry guidance on the advertising speeds of broadband. This introduces a standardised metric that characterises the speeds for typical busy hours for each broadband plan that an RSP offers.

This regulation is designed to provide consumers with a realistic idea of the broadband speed they will likely receive at the point of sale.

SamKnows’ pre-built solution to make compliance simple

SamKnows has built in support for the ACCC typical speed metrics natively. These allow RSPs to visualise the typical busy period speeds, which are presented separately for download and upload speed. The metrics are fully integrated into SamKnows One -our proprietary cloud-based analytics system. Here, you can visualize your data and use sophisticated features to simplify complex analysis in near real-time. You can also manage your measurement agents and associated metadata. They can be used in data analysis, alerting, dashboards, presets, data API exports and reports.

In order for an RSP to comply they need to:

  • Test a minimum of 75 services for each retail plan for a 14 day period (Test Period)
  • Create a test schedule that can automatically measure home broadband performance several times a day, collecting data during busy hours (7pm to 11pm)
  • Report this data to ACCC in a specified format


We offer four metrics that perform the above calculations:

  • Typical Busy Hours - Download Speed
  • Typical Busy Hours - Upload Speed
  • Typical Busy Hours - Percentage of Advertised Download Speed
  • Typical Busy Hours - Percentage of Advertised Upload Speed

SamKnows tried and tested

The ACCC trust SamKnows to conduct these tests reliably and efficiently, we’ve published 13 quarterly reports for Measuring Broadband Australia (MBA), the latest being August 2021, and are working with the ACCC to expand the MBA for the future.

Do you need help reporting regulatory compliance?

We’ve been conducting large-scale measurement studies for clients for over 10 years. We’ve developed our own proprietary agents, tests, analytical tools and data pipeline to get new studies up and running quickly, and streaming data back almost instantly. Your panel might include 100 Whiteboxes, or a million embedded Router Agents in your existing CPE. Our solution can be customised to each client's requirements and we can get you up and running within weeks.

Here is the latest ACCC guidance for measuring and reporting busy hour speeds, and to find out more about how SamKnows can help, request a demo below!

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