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We support Ukraine

With the situation in Ukraine, displaced families need basic supplies. Please help us support organizations on the ground such as RefugEase and Hospitallers as they provide aid.

At SamKnows, we’re fortunate enough to be able to support our community through donations to important charitable causes. As an international company, we have colleagues from all over the world which makes us sensitive to world events. When Russia invaded Ukraine, we felt compelled to find organisations providing relief on the ground, who we could support.

One of the charities we’re supporting is the UK-based NGO RefugEase, who provide help to “our war-torn brothers and sisters around the globe”. This is a team of people who are purchasing relief packages of most needed items like underwear, family hygiene products, family food parcels, children’s winter outfits, sleeping bags, baby milk and baby bundles.

Hannah at RefugEase wrote about the work they are doing to help those seeking refuge from the invasion:

"As the situation in Ukraine continues to intensify, more and more women and children are fleeing across the border to seek refuge. These food, hygiene and other items ensure that their immediate needs are catered for.

Myself and a small team are on the ground in Hungary as we speak, purchasing and distributing your aid directly to those in need. It saves on transportation costs, time, and bypasses storage shortages (as the items are distributed immediately) as opposed to sending the items from the U.K.

As the crisis develops, we’ll be changing the items in the shop to match the needs on the ground, so please check back regularly. Anything you can do to help us to spread the word about our campaign is much appreciated.”

- Hannah (and the whole team at RefugEase!)

Here is a link to purchase some of the relief packages for RefugEase:

Donate to RefugEase

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Medical Fund Hospitallers

The Medical Fund Hospitallers was suggested by one of our Ukranian colleagues. These are volunteer medics who are working on the front line in the Ukraine, providing medical support. The donation will be used for whatever these brave people need to help them in their extraordinary endeavors in incredibly hard circumstances.

Here is more about Medical Fund Hospitallers:

Hospitallers is a volunteer medical battalion participating in the Russian-Ukrainian war in Donbas since 2014. It provides first aid, home medical care, and evacuation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers from the hottest parts of the front. The slogan is “For the sake of every life!“

Hospitallers have contributed to saving almost two and a half thousand Ukrainian soldiers during the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Right now they are fundraising to gather extra sleeping bags, Motorola walkie-talkies, infusions and everything to them, to pay the bill of UAH 91,000 for bone catheters, spinal burdens, repair of additional cars, additional first aid kits, soft stretchers, additional RPS, additional headlights, additional medical, backpacks, additional ampoules and other things. Are cooperating with the Army to deploy additional medical battalions to the war zone.

Here’s a link to donate to Medical Fund Hospitallers:

Donate to Hospitallers

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We want to thank everyone at SamKnows for all the hard work they do to put us in a position to make such donations, and keeping those suffering in our hearts and minds.