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Less stress with the new look Instant Test

We’re always improving our products, and this week, we’ve given a face lift to our Instant Test feature within the ConstantCare dashboard. As a Care Agent, you will now be able to resolve customers’ queries even faster, keeping your customers happier and meaning you have a better day.

More positive calls with your customers

Instant Test is a feature of our ConstantCare dashboard, which is a tool designed to help you understand your customers’ internet problems quickly. Often a customer will call as a last resort, and can be frustrated when they speak to you. Being able to identify the issues quickly can turn a potentially difficult call into a much more positive experience for both you and your customers. 

Using Instant Test can dramatically reduce call time and customer frustration compared to the typical workaround of hardwiring a computer to the router and sharing the results of standard browser-based test.

Information instantly to keep your customer calm(er)

This feature enables you to instantly test all the customers’ core metrics without asking them to plug in an ethernet cable into their router. Phew. As that could be the last straw for an already unhappy customer. 

Up until now, the Instant Test part of the ConstantCare dashboard has been really small, requiring you to scroll to reveal all the information. This probably resulted in longer calls and long awkward pauses, with the frustration building up in your customers. That doesn’t sound like a fun call to handle.

Bigger and better. A happier you.

Although the information Instant Test will give you isn’t changing, how it’s presented is. Now the test results will be bigger and clearer. You won’t need to scroll as all the information will be contained in the one area. Easy!

You’ll be able to find the data you are looking for more easily and more swiftly, solving your customers’ queries faster, and keeping them calm and happy. 

And most importantly, making your day less stressful and manageable.

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