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Linksys announces SamKnows integration

SamKnows software is now inside the Linksys Velop AX4200 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System!

The Linksys Velop AX4200 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System (MX4200) is an intelligent WiFi mesh system, commonly used by ISPs worldwide who provide super-fast fibre to the premises.

This means that any ISPs that supply the Linksys (MX4200) can instantly activate the SamKnows Router agent inside without any setup or fuss.

WiFi 6 means higher speeds and 4x more capacity for more devices simultaneously connected than ever before. Intelligent Mesh™ technology, combined with WiFi 6, is designed to deliver gigabit WiFi speeds to cover every corner of your home, including the backyard and outdoor smart home devices.

What is manufacturer integration?

ISPs can choose to have our brilliant SamKnows software integrated in their existing fleet of CPE via a simple firmware update. But, many router manufacturers choose to integrate SamKnows at the factory to give them competitive advantage when selling CPE to large ISPs.

Why are routers which come pre-installed with SamKnows attractive to ISPs?

  • Even though integration can be rolled out to existing CPE remotely, it’s still less effort to have all the SamKnows functionality already in place. Here are some of the reasons why ISPs want to buy CPE with SamKnows inside:
  • Increasingly, the Router Agent is being used for ensuring compliance with new regulations, such as Ofcom's Voluntary Code of Practice or FCC’s CAF funding. ISPs can now prove their compliance with zero time spent on reporting.
  • The Router agent allows ISPs to monitor their network performance and customer experience with SamKnows’ full suite of QoE and QoS tests.
  • A SamKnows enabled router allows ISPs to instantly turn on our latest product FaultFinder, to isolate and track down the route cause of any network faults that impact customer experience.
  • With the Router Agent inside the CPE, ISPs support teams can activate SamKnows ConstantCare to see what their customers are experiencing. The single home dashboard speeds up resolution times, lightens the support burden, and dramatically saves ISPs money.
  • A router with SamKnows inside allows ISPs to give their customers access to RealSpeed. The test compares speed at the router to the speed on a customer device inside their home network. RealSpeed helps ISPs educate their customers about the limitations of Wi-Fi networks and empowers customers to self-diagnose and fix problems without having to call support.
  • A SamKnows enabled router allows ISPs and customers using RealSpeed to measure ultrafast broadband speeds over 1Gbps where conventional speed tests max out at 940 Mbps.

Getting started with a SamKnows enabled router

Many ISPs will already have SamKnows enabled devices in their fleet of CPE, it’s surprisingly quick and easy to activate the agents and take full advantage of our test suite and full range of internet performance products and features.

The CPE will register themselves automatically with our backend when they come online. There is no need to first tell SamKnows that a CPE needs to be registered.

You can choose to activate them on a case by case basis or you may choose to have them all activated at once. You only pay for the ones that are active and collecting measurements.

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