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Product Designer: FaultFinder

We are looking for a Product Designer to lead and evolve the SamKnows product: FaultFinder, to help Network Engineers identify internet faults in real-time. Find out more about the role and more about FaultFinder:

At SamKnows, we’re working on products that keep us connected - literally. The world relies on the internet. And strong, reliable service is everything. We care about solving broadband inequality and supporting access to quality internet for everyone.

We are looking for a Product Designer to lead and evolve the SamKnows product: FaultFinder, to help Network Engineers identify internet faults in real-time, before they become disruptive. Our ideal colleague is someone who is a naturally inquisitive problem solver and an emotionally intelligent team player, with experience in handling complex data sets and root cause analysis.

Network Monitoring with FaultFinder

Our FaultFinder product is designed to help network engineers at major ISPs ensure that network performance is reliable and any faults are quickly identified and fixed before they affect customer experience

In 2021, we built a prototype for a new product called FaultFinder. Taking internet performance data from our many millions of Agents worldwide, we’re able to build a pattern of typical internet behaviour and then use this to identify anomalies - good and bad! When we identify an anomaly, we carry out a root cause analysis and communicate both the anomaly, cause and impact to the customer. We’re building a Product Team to turn this extremely advanced prototype into a product we can release to the world. Discover why ISPs love FaultFinder.

The role of the Product Designer is to be user-oriented. We place a lot of emphasis on the importance of experimentation, validating and iterating ideas and prototypes to learn what works best for our users. Research comes first! We want someone who can gather meaningful insights through this user research and analytics, and design detailed workflows and interactions from it. A great product designer is someone who can inspire and impact development. We want our Product Designer to champion our fantastic products, and have a keen eye for innovation.

Finding faults that impact customer experience

FaultFinder monitors network performance from the perspective of the end user. Much of working on FaultFinder involves seeing FaultFinder from the point of view of a Network Engineer, trying to resolve network issues for customers.

Our product FaultFinder is currently in beta testing phase

Currently, FaultFinder builds a dynamic model of normal performance, constantly learning and re-learning. It compares real-time measurements against these models. When an anomaly is detected it can trace the root cause and also measure the impact of the fault in terms of performance and the volume of customers affected.

Dynamic thresholds

FaultFinder automatically learns normal performance and builds a dynamic model which is constantly re-learning to adapt to trend shifts.

Anomaly detection

FaultFinder monitors a live stream of your performance data 24/7 automatically detecting when things aren’t behaving as expected.

Root cause analysis

FaultFinder's algorithms understand the semantics of cascading problems and pinpoints root cause in one single notification, rather than triggering a tsunami of alerts.

Find out more about FaultFinder in the latest edition of SamKnows Spotlight, or listen to the Spotlight podcast where we speak to SamKnows Co-founder and CTO Sam Crawford about FaultFinder.

Teamwork and tools

As Product Designer, you would be a part of a cross-discipline team, led by a Product Manager, working alongside Front-End and Back-End Engineers, supported by our wider design team. A SamKnows Product Designer should also have experience with Figma in a professional environment.

Structure of the Network Team

Communication is key

An ideal working style for a Product Designer is someone who’s curious and has a desire not only to learn but to teach! To be open minded and work transparently with their team members.

We value the time and research put into product design, so presenting your thoughts and ideas to the company as a Product Designer will also be key for this role. We’re a diverse company with a diverse set of international clients, so we want someone with great communication skills and the ability to effectively present and articulate complex design concepts to diverse audiences.

Our secret SamKnows sauce

The company

SamKnows cares about upholding a diverse and passionate team, which is a big difference from other tech companies. You get to work with like-minded individuals, from all different backgrounds! If you’re interested in becoming a Product Designer for Network at SamKnows, apply below! We look forward to meeting you. :)

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