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April news roundup

Here's a round-up all of the latest news from SamKnows this month.

Spotlight Magazine

The gigabit difference

Gigabit broadband is becoming increasingly commonplace. But what difference does Gigabit broadband make to people’s consumption? Does behaviour change when people reach the fastest speeds? We use the exclusive SamKnows data to reveal the Gigabit difference and what it says about the future of broadband.

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Product news

Constant Care Update

We’re always looking to make improvements for our users, and this week we’re excited to launch our ConstantCare dashboard, designed specifically for care agents. With ConstantCare, you can resolve customers’ queries even faster.

Whitebox installation video

Navigating the jumble of cables and wires hiding behind your router can be a daunting task for volunteers when they first set up their Whitebox. Let us show you how simple it is with a how-to video and a brief explanation of what is going on behind the scenes.

Customer Stories

Our trusted data is helping New Zealanders choose better broadband

From reports to advertising, read more about how SamKnows is relied upon by Kiwi consumers to make better informed broadband choices.

Company News

We support Ukraine

With the situation in Ukraine, displaced families need basic supplies. Please help us support organizations on the ground such as RefugEase and Hospitallers as they provide aid.

5 reasons why you should join SamKnows as a Measurement Engineer

The title says it all! Change the world with SamKnows. Be a central part; measure, experiment, solve problems, and create action plans to improve the world’s internet. Find out more about being a Measurement Engineer at SamKnows.

Spotlight Podcast

Part 1

Richard is Chief Executive Officer of Zen Internet which is one of the UK’s few remaining independent broadband providers – and one of the most respected. Richard explains which apps consume the most bandwidth, why access speeds are outpacing technology, and the 5G myths.

Part 2

Sam, our founder and chief technology officer draws on SamKnows’ exclusive data to reveal why gigabit-grade connections deliver more than download speed benefits. Plus, he explains why Wi-Fi is becoming a bottleneck in the home and why speed is becoming less critical to consumers.

Gigabit difference podcast Pt 1: Richard Tang

Gigabit difference podcast Pt 2: Sam Crawford