Spot issues, identify the root cause, assess the impact on your customers, all in realtime

FaultFinder monitors network performance from the perspective of the end user. It builds a dynamic model of normal performance, constantly learning and re-learning to adapt to trend shifts. It compares real-time measurements against these models. When an anomaly is detected it can trace the root cause and also measure the impact of the fault in terms of performance and the volume of customers affected.

Reality Gap

If you thought buying a fast broadband package would guarantee you get fast Netflix video streaming, you might be surprised by what we've discovered in the latest issue of SamKnows Spotlight Magazine. Where peak-time Netflix download speeds can struggle to stream UHD movies even on super-fast connections, and super-efficient video encoding is cleverly masking the reality gap.

The E-Universe of Gaming

Within the next 5 years, the gaming industry is expected to double in value to an estimated worth of almost 300 billion dollars. As the gaming market rapidly excels, SamKnows is encouraging its rise with gaming tests that help game developers, ISPs, and governments understand their performance. Here's a closer look at the world of online gaming, our role within it, and our meticulous approach to building gaming tests.

New Zealand Fibre Max customers see huge performance improvements

The Measuring Broadband New Zealand project, put together by New Zealand's Commerce Commission, collaborated with RSPs, Wholesale Providers, and SamKnows to monitor internet performance across the country. The data collected helped improve speeds for subscribers across the Fibre Max network, here's how it happened.

Sustainable growth

With great talent comes great responsibility, and at SamKnows we’re focused on sustainable growth. So as our company grows we're becoming more product centric, and taking on new people, we’re working to ensure SamKnows remains a great place to work. Learn about how our working process and company culture feeds into our big plans for expanding SamKnows and check out the new roles we're hiring for.

Router box on a side table next to a blue cat on a dresser

Resolving the most common ISP customer support calls with SamKnows

ISPs are responsible for delivering broadband to the home, so what happens beyond the router is largely out of their control. But problems with in-home Wi-Fi account for over 50% of the support calls ISPs receive. So even though it’s out of their control, it’s an expensive problem that ISPs need to be able to empathise with and help resolve. Join us on a user journey showing how SingleView and RealSpeed can streamline support calls and improve customer experience.

Turn your Internet up to 11

Now millions of people worldwide are working from home, video conferencing demands are maxing-out the upload limit of domestic broadband connections. That's why SamKnows has designed the Internet TAP™. Simply attach the TAP (Tweak Available Performance) to your network port and plug in your router. Dial up your upload or dial down your download, find the perfect balance, improve the quality of your internet experience!

Space Broadband, the new connectivity frontier

Will you be buying your next broadband connection from Elon Musk or Amazon? We explore why satellite broadband is set for lift-off.

Know your internet inside and out

Know your internet inside and out

Resolving network issues quickly is the key to keeping your customers happy and loyal. SamKnows Single Home shows the network, Wi-Fi, and device performance of a single home all in one place so your support agents can do exactly that. Troubleshoot issues quickly, demonstrate home Wi-Fi issues to customers, and provide a seamless customer experience.

The SamKnows CAF Solution

The SamKnows CAF Solution

The SamKnows CAF Solution is a cost-effective measurement platform for internet service providers participating in the Connect America Fund (CAF). Our solution removes the headache of self-testing and ensures you meet all the Performance Data Requirements. Just last month, we were delighted to assist a large ISP prove their testing capacity before CAF II went live. Find out how we can help!

Our values

Our values

We’re passionate about helping Sam achieve his dream of a world that understands the internet. Our core values have always been central to how successfully we pursue our goal. However, we’ve experienced a lot of change over the last ten years and so we decided to take a step back and rediscover the essence of who we are today. We did this as a team - here are the results!

Accelerating the SamKnows data pipeline

Accelerating the SamKnows data pipeline

Our new data pipeline has dramatically improved the time between collecting detailed test results and making them available to our customers for analysis in SamKnows One. In the past, this process took 30 minutes. Today, it takes around 5 seconds! This acceleration will pave the way for new products acting upon real-time data. Find out what makes it so fast and how it's evolved over the years in the face of increasing demand.

Critical Services Report: Video Conferencing (UK)

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, regulators and ISPs have been asking us to help them understand the performance of critical applications. Today we're looking at recent video conferencing performance in the United Kingdom, and demonstrating our new video conferencing tests for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, and GoToMeeting.

Critical Services Report: Video Streaming (UK)

In recent blog posts, we have been looking at the impact COVID-19 has been having on internet performance in the UK and USA. In this latest post, we're returning to the UK for a closer look at the video streaming performance of Netflix, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer.

SamKnows Critical Services Report: Fixed Speed (USA)

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the world’s largest ever working-from-home experiment. This has inevitably led to questions about the ability of broadband networks to cope with the additional traffic. Last week we published our first report that looked at some core metrics in the UK. Today we are publishing a first high-level look at how speeds have changed across the US since the start of the pandemic.

SamKnows Critical Services Report: CDN Performance (UK)

The COVID-19 pandemic has instigated the world's largest working-from-home experiment. This has inevitably led to questions about the ability of broadband networks to cope with the additional traffic. In an effort to separate fact from rumour, we are prototyping a tracking report that studies key quality indicators for broadband.

Global internet usage during COVID-19

The internet is under enormous pressure. A quarter of the world’s population is in lockdown, with billions of people relying on home broadband for work, education, information, entertainment, and essential services. We’ve been focusing all our efforts on helping governments and ISPs understand how COVID-19 has changed internet usage almost overnight.

Old house, new home, better Wi-Fi

When Cookie, our Head of Design, moved into his new house, he was determined to inspect his in-home Wi-Fi. Using SamKnows RealSpeed 2.0 as a guide, he used his speed test results to help improve his connectivity by 76.6Mbps! Cookie also recently appeared on George Clarke's Old House New Home, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring both projects together.

Help improve New Zealand's internet!

The Commerce Commission (ComCom) is on a mission to improve the future of New Zealand's internet with their Measuring Broadband New Zealand program. For the last 12 months, we've been busily supporting them by measuring how well the country's internet is performing. We're now looking for more people in rural areas to join us!

ISPs, give your customers accurate performance testing with RealSpeed

Don't let home interference spoil how your customers' perceive your network performance. With SamKnows RealSpeed, your customers can run an independent speed test from the edge of their home network (at the router itself) out to a test server, accurately recording the fastest speeds available, eliminating any Wi-Fi degradation from the results, and avoiding customer confusion.

Virgin Media launches SamKnows RealSpeed

Back in March, we spoke about how internet service providers (ISPs) are using the SamKnows Router Agent to overcome the limitations of conventional speed tests and accurately measure 1Gbps+ speeds. Since then, we've been hard at work, developing the perfect solution that allows you to do the same from the comfort of your home, without using any special equipment. Find out how easy it is to use!

Analysys Mason: regulatory best practice

Analysys Mason is a company that specialises in advising government regulators on the best ways to regulate their telecommunications industry. We’ve long been admirers of their work and are excited to publish our interview with Franck Chevalier, their Co-Head of Technology Consulting, to learn how Analysys Mason helps regulators conquer some of their most prevalent challenges today.

Find out what it’s like to be an intern at SamKnows

At SamKnows, we're committed to providing opportunities for young people that help enhance their success. Along with Project Margaret Hamilton, a home-grown coding lab for girls, we offer a short internship program that's designed to give you valuable skills and hands-on experience at a thriving tech company. Find out what Annabelle got up to while she was here!

Website Performance Test: Part 3

This is the third of a series of articles about our new SamKnows Website Performance Test. Today, we're telling the story of how we used it to detect a hidden problem that was impossible to find any other way. We contacted Sky straight away who where then able to restore good performance for all their consumers. Read on to find out about our investigation.

DNS-over-HTTPS performance

DNS-over-HTTPS promises to prevent eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS traffic. But this has side-effects that has many ISPs concerned. One of their concerns centers on performance and the impact on their CDN relationships. We've conducted an initial study of DNS-over-HTTPS performance from homes across Europe to help separate fact from fiction.

USA, actively participate in FCC policy-making!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are opening the Measuring Broadband America (MBA) program to new volunteers in the U.S., to benchmark and improve national Internet performance. We are proud to be part of such an important study. Read on to find out how you can track your home Internet performance and be at the heart of the FCC's policy-making.

Meet Ari, our smooth-talking, globe-trotting, code-wrangling backend developer

Ari is an integral part of the SamKnows backend team. She's travel-mad and multilingual, while also forging a successful career in backend development. Today, we're asking her about why she chose her career, what it takes to succeed, and the importance of creating a healthy work-life balance.

SamKnows Website Performance Test: Part 2

At SamKnows, we have been hard at work developing a new website performance test, called the SamKnows Website Performance Test (we’re pretty “out there” with the name!). In our previous blog post, we covered the overall concept. In this blog post we look at the technology behind it.

ISPs, create a customer pledge with EasyInstall for field engineers

EasyInstall is a simple way for installation engineers to provide quick, timely, and successful home visits that leave your customers feeling happy and confident with your service. After connecting a home to the internet, your engineers can use EasyInstall to accurately measure performance, create a customer pledge, and prove you are delivering the internet speeds your customers expect.

New Whitebox feature: Instant Test!

The new Instant Test, launching on Monday 22nd July, gives you the power to measure your fixed-line performance whenever you like. As soon as you think something's up, go straight to your SamKnows One dashboard and run an Instant Test to see what's going on. Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback on our products - let us know what you think!

Postcards from the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run

The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run is the world's first and most iconic ultramarathon. Competitive, hot, and covering formidable terrain, this Californian race is no easy feat. So when Sam Crawford, our CTO and founder, went off to take part, we were proud, curious, and not a little anxious. Thankfully, he came back to tell the tale!

How to create better coverage maps

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai recently suggested crowdsourcing data could be the best way to gather information on U.S. internet coverage: the Digital Opportunity Data Collection program. Here, SamKnows proposes the solution that will enable the FCC to create the largest and most reliable dataset possible, at the lowest cost.

SamKnows Website Performance Test: Part 1

Introducing the new way to measure your website's performance - the SamKnows Website Performance Test! This test shows you exactly how long your web page takes to render, and what's slowing it down, using the engine of a real web browser. The first of a three-part series, today we're explaining the problems with conventional testing and how we overcome them.

Measuring Broadband Canada: project update 

Two months ago, we asked you to help us improve the future of Canada's internet. We received an overwhelming response, thank you! Today, we're providing a quick update about our progress so far, which is excellent, and encourage those of you who would like to get involved to sign up for a Whitebox - it's not too late.

Life as an Android Developer

Inspired by the woman in charge of writing the on-board software for Apollo 11, SamKnows developer Samira has set up an exciting new project to teach young women how to code and overcome unhelpful "myths" about working in tech. We're fully supportive of this initiative, and today we're asking her all about her life as an Android Developer, part of the project's "myth busters" series.

Proud to be different

Three years ago, we set out on a mission to learn what we could do to make our team more diverse. Since then, we have found that even the smallest changes, such as using gender-neutral language, can have a significant affect on our hiring processes. Today, we want to share some of our experiences in the hope that we might help other technology companies do the same.

Bonjour Canada… prêt à tester votre Internet ?

Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant au projet de Mesure de la large bande au Canada - une étude nationale qui permettra de porter un regard approfondi sur la situation des performances d'Internet au Canada et d'en apporter les mesures nécessaires à leur amélioration.

Defeat bad internet in a snap!

When performance goes down, the stakes go up. The clock is ticking and the pressure is on. Happy customers turn into angry, Hulk-like monsters. With 27 tests and 65 metrics, we can show you exactly what to do to resolve your issues, whether they're Thanos-sized, or so small you'd need an Ant (Man) to identify them.

ISPs, lower your support costs with 5 easy steps

ISPs, lower your support costs with 5 easy steps

Unhappy customers can put a significant strain on your support teams, costing you time and money. By working closely with some of the world's leading service providers, we have developed a solution to help you have more happy customers, faster resolution times, a lighter support burden, and dramatically save on your costs.

Hello Canada… let's get testing

Now is the chance to help improve Canada's internet performance! Join the Measuring Broadband Canada program - a nationwide study that's taking a deep look into the state of the country's internet to find out what needs to be done to improve it for the future.

Prove your 1Gbps speeds with SamKnows

Prove your 1Gbps speeds with SamKnows

Don't let LAN spoil the party. If you're struggling to prove your 1Gbps+ speeds to customers, SamKnows has the solution! Embed the SamKnows Router SDK inside your fleet of routers and overcome the router bottleneck. Show your customers with a 1Gbps LAN interface that you're delivering on your ultra-fast advertising claims.

Product development at SamKnows

SamKnows started as a small, highly-skilled team where everyone knew what was going on. Communication was easy, and we scaled fast. But to ensure our rate of change was sustainable, we decided to adapt our internal workflows. Particularly since we're still scaling! Here's what we've learned so far.

Why is it so important to eliminate cross traffic?

At SamKnows, we place great emphasis on the importance of accuracy. A key element to achieving such high levels of accuracy is that we avoid running tests when you're using the internet - we call this cross-traffic detection. Today, we're telling you all about cross traffic, why its important, and how it contributes to your scientific dataset.

It takes a village to raise a child

Little Village are a small organisation doing great things. By providing second-hand baby clothes and equipment to families experiencing hardship, they aim to ensure that no child in London starts life without the essentials. We're excited to support Little Village, and encourage you to support them too.

The speedy way to build national performance apps

The Rapid Build Framework is a system for launching internet performance apps very quickly. Designed for long-term national measurement studies, the app is a cost-effective solution for regulators facing strict budgets and limited technical resources. It's easy to adapt, maintain, and can be ready for testing within a single day.

ARRIS and Virgin Media test new 10Gbps speeds

In September 2018, Virgin Media contacted us about trialling their new 10Gbps FTTH product, testing both the access technology and in-home connectivity.  We were delighted to assist Virgin Media and Arris measure these super-fast speeds, using our new 10Gbps Whitebox prototype that we had developed the year before.

The SamKnows Cloudflare Platform

We're excited to be expanding our fully-managed test server platform, with the help of Cloudflare's clever Workers. Cloudflare's Workers allow us to run code directly on their network, and incorporate them as part of our internet measurement platform. All the while, we maintain accurate measurement results without breaking the bank.

Wondering who we are? Meet the Sammies

Wondering who we are? Meet the Sammies.

We asked the Sammies a bunch of questions about what it's like to work at SamKnows. Learn more about what we do, why we do it, and what they had to say… And if you spot one of our job openings, we'd love to hear from you! With offices in the UK and USA, we're a company with a global reach and international reputation.

SamKnows web test for super-fast speeds

SamKnows web test for super-fast speeds

A behind-the-scenes look at how we develop new measurements. Here's our response to traditional web tests struggling to keep up with faster internet speeds. Read all about how we ensured the new SamKnows Web Test consistently provides accurate results for any speed tier on any browser - laying the groundwork for speeds greater than 1Gbps.

Be the first to know with automated alerts

Using the SamKnows alerting feature, we spotted a significant drop in YouTube tests across North America, Europe, and Asia. It's rare to see failures on this scale so we assessed its impact on customer experience using the data we generated. We also monitor other critical services, and can even spot minor performance degradation.

Upscaling our big data platform

Very, very large-scale internet measurements generate a lot of data. Two years ago, we prepared ourselves for a sudden increase of SamKnows measurement agents in the world - from thousands to millions. Meaning a huge increase in data. So, we built an entirely new cloud-based platform to handle our measurement results: SamKnows One.

Connect America Fund reporting requirements

In July 2018, the USA's FCC released an updated order, detailing the auditing requirements for ISPs participating in the Connect America Fund (CAF). In this post, we summarise the CAF measurement requirements and how ISPs can meet them. SamKnows also has a solution to help ISP's prove they comply - read on to learn more.

Restoring internet with the Cell Audit app

The Cell Audit app is designed for surveying cellular performance in a particular area, such as disaster zones. For Android only, the app runs tests in a continuous cycle, checking for signal availability and collecting environmental data from connected cell towers. Track performance levels by time and location and identify damaged cell towers.

Benchmarking Dropbox, Google, and Microsoft

In this article, we put three online storage services — Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint — to the test and compare how they perform on different UK broadband providers. All the online storage measurements we reference are available on our Whiteboxes and Router SDK right now.

SamKnows sponsors the London Vue Conference

We’re excited to sponsor this September’s Vue conference in London, running 20th - 21st. Come and join us at the SamKnows stand on the 21st — we’d love to talk to you about our upcoming projects and celebrate all things Vue! Vue is integral to what we do because it’s the main driving force behind our flagship, SamKnows One.

Beyond speed tests: Steam performance

Zen and the art of your Steam library maintenance. Today we’re taking a look at how well the UK’s largest ISPs perform when users download games from Steam. Using our measurement client for Steam, that runs on SamKnows Whiteboxes and the Router SDK, we generated data for analysis in SamKnows One. Here's what we found.

Reporting on the state of Australia's internet

The ACCC is using SamKnows One to measure the quality of Australia's internet and encourage reform. Find out how Australia's internet is faring in their latest report. Following the Initial Findings Report of March 2018, this second instalment gives a more granular analysis on the performance of Australia's internet services.

Solving poor Netflix performance

Speed tests don't always tell the whole story. An unhappy user contacted us about their poor Netflix performance, despite their 100 Mbps connection. Turns out the problem extended far beyond this user! Using SamKnows One, we discovered a routing issue spanning two continents. We quickly alerted the ISPs so they could deploy a quick fix.

Beyond speed tests: CDN performance

In this article, we're taking a look at the technologies used to deliver live TV streams over the internet by the BBC and ITV - the UK’s two largest terrestrial broadcasters. To do this, we ran performance measurements from nearly 700 UK homes during prime time, and then took a look at how the broadcasters, ISPs, and CDNs faired in SamKnows One.

Updating internet regulation in the UK

Ofcom are updating their Voluntary Codes of Practice (VCOP) to benefit home and business internet users in the UK. The aim of VCOP is to aid and protect internet users when buying broadband products. ISPs volunteer to follow the codes and need a measurement solution to prove their performance levels. Here's a guide to VCOP how we can help.

Dishing the DIRK

Dishing the DIRK - your open source dashboard

Your new open source dashboard. We’re open sourcing a library for you to build customisable dashboards, called DIRK. We built DIRK for the Enterprise dashboard in SamKnows One. DIRK provides an intuitive drag and drop interface, using Vue.js and the HTML5 Drag and Drop API. Let us know what you think!

Oh hello Oceania... let's measure your internet

We're proud to announce two new internet measurement projects with the Australian and New Zealand regulators! Both projects aim to better the internet for everyone. And both projects are using SamKnows data to help increase transparency, direct policies, and update infrastructure. Find out how you can get involved.

Improving customer care with SamKnows

Improving customer care with SamKnows

We've had an epiphany about how we can help your internet experience. SamKnows creates measurement tools to help ISPs and regulators improve internet performance and customer care. And while we've dramatically improved the richness and accuracy of internet performance intel, we believe we can do more. Time to think differently.

Intelligent page preloading with Futurelink

Intelligent page preloading with Futurelink

This article was written by one of our front-end web developers, Callum Macrae, about a website performance project he’s been working on recently. Frustrated with images taking a long time to download on the SamKnows website, Callum carried out some research and focused his efforts on finding the perfect solution.

We're celebrating all things Kotlin

Celebrating all things Kotlin in honour of our Android team (who really love it). We've been using Kotlin as our language of choice for the prototype of our internet performance app for Android. Kotlin suits our needs because it allows us to rapidly model, build, and release our applications, and much more. We couldn't recommend it highly enough!

Creating the ultimate performance app for Ofcom

Last year we launched a home Wi-Fi checker for the UK telecoms regulator Ofcom. Since then, we collaborated with Ofcom and UK ISPs to build the ultimate performance app that's great for all technologies. And today, we're thrilled to launch an update that adds way more features. Read this article to read all about it. And download the app - it's free!

Fixing annoying home Wi-Fi with Bell

Fixing annoying home Wi-Fi with Bell

We built a web test for Bell. We love it. It shows Bell users what's affecting their internet speeds. And it's as accurate as can be! This test discounts all in-home factors, like an under-performing PC or a bad in-home Wi-Fi connection - showing you whether there's a problem with Bell's provisioning or an issue inside the home.

Measuring Broadband America's 2016 report

We're proud to announce that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has published its Measuring Broadband America report, which is entirely based on SamKnows data. The USA saw internet speeds increase in 2016 - but with plenty of exceptions. In this article, we give you a quick overview of the report's key findings.

SamKnows releases SDK

SamKnows releases router manufacturer SDK

Mega update! You can now embed our full suite of internet performance tests directly inside your CPE. Conduct millions of tests from customer homes and analyse the results in SamKnows One. Popular with ISPs and equipment manufacturers, the SDK is suitable for anyone who wants to install our software inside their products.

BBC and SamKnows join forces for better internet

We were on BBC Watchdog last night. This week’s episode asked the all-important question: are you getting value for money when it comes to your internet? BBC Watchdog found that 35% of those who contacted their ISP with their SamKnows speed test results, saw an improvement. And 13% were offered a discount.